COOL-CARE® aircooled


In order to avoid cooling water being consumed during the range of applications VAN DER HEIJDEN has developed the COOL-CARE®.
The ideal equipment for cooling after-condensers used in conjunc-tion with membrane vacuum pump is the COOL-CARE®  unit without a thermostat.
The COOL-CARE® operates on the principle of a circulating cooler. A refrigeration unit cools the circu-lating water or the anti-freeze mixture in a small container made by V2A, from where a circulating pump conveys it to the unit which is to be cooled. The filling of the container occurs at the top of the unit, where it easily accessible.
The cover can be screwed on. If maintaining the temperature constant within a determined range is more important than water savings, the COOL-CARE® is available with a separate heating unit. A wear-resistant microprocessor-controlled control unit regulates a container heating unit and ensures a very precise water outflow temperature.

Range of application

~ Electrophoresis
~ Micro-Rotis
~ Soxleth
~ Water baths
~ and other more


~ 100 % water savings
~ Temperature of cooling water
can be set as required
~ Minimal space requirements on
any laboratory table
~ Virtually silent in operation
~ Exceptionally easy to use
~ Carrying handel for fast and easy transport
~ Suitable for wide range of uses



Technical Data
Refrigerating capacity 180 watts at 20° C outlet temperature of cooling medium
Ambient temperature approved up to +28° C
Pumping capacity 5 l/min.
Feed pressure 1.2 mWs
Connections 3/8“ quick lock coupling rear of unit
Tank contents 0.8 liter
Dimensions W x D x H 260 x 390 x 245 mm
Type of current 230 V/50 Hz/1 PH/N/PE
Power consumption 80 watts
Weight 13 kg
Refrigerant R 134 a (CFE-free)
Colour housing
Upper housingl RAL 7035 (light-grey)
Lower housing RAL 5001 (blue)  - Impressum