KÜHLMOBIL model 210-B400 to 512-B400

KÜHLMOBIL model 210-B400 to 512-B400

A range of more powerful cooling units from 3200W to 40kW, these models of cooling unit are also mobile units with plug-in connections.
Depending on the performance, the tank sizes range from 100 to 250 litres. The containers are easy to fill thanks to the large screw cover filling holes on the top of each cooling unit. Evaporation rates are very low.
Since the heat emitted from units of this size can be very considerable (warming of more than 40% to the surrounding area), these units are frequently installed outside, in technical areas or even in large fields. The amortisation times are relatively short since the KÜHLMOBIL saves significant amounts of water per year.

All the variants are also possible on these versions.  More powerful aircooled KÜHLMOBIL units are available up to 45kW, please enquire

Range of application

  • Packaging machinery
  • Sputtering systems
  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
  • X-ray generators
  • Form presses
  • and many more
 KÜHLMOBIL model 210-B400 to 512-B400

Rear View.  This application shows a version with a manual bypass. Automatic bypass is available as an option.

In applications where the water flow is on/off via magnetic valves, the automatic bypass will open when the application valve is closed and water will flow in a short circuit, avoiding pump damage and limiting the maximum pressure.  The required opening pressure can be factory set for you, however, easy access into the unit allows for the user to make adjustments for higher or lower pressure easily.

Technical data (mid-range example)

Technical data KÜHLMOBIL model 313-B400
Cooling output at water discharge temperature of 20° C 5400 watts
Ambient temperature approved up to +32° C
Pumping capacity 2400 l/h at 3.9 bar
Feed pressure 4.2 bar
Connections ball valves with 3/4“ hose sockets
Tank size 100 litre
Dimensions (W x D x H) 680 x 730 x 1520 mm
Type of current 400 V/50 Hz/3 PH/N/PE
Power consumption 3.4 kW max.
Weight 191 kg
Refrigerant R 134 A
Colour RAL 5003/7035

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