PARALAQUA® III TOWER for rotary evaporators

PARALAQUA® III TOWER for rotary evaporators

PARALAQUA® combination with a rotary evaporator from IKA-Werke GmbH & Co. KG

The PARALAQUA® is a device especially designed for rotary evaporators, it simultaneously creates a controllable vacuum and provides cooling water. A 230 V mains outlet is all that is needed, no water connection is necessary.
As a result of the lowest possible cooling water temperature (to –5° C using antifreeze), and the controllable vacuum, almost loss-free solvent distillation is possible, as the cooling temperature and the vacuum, for every distillation programme can be individually set. This in turn means a maximum efficiency in reclaiming the solvents as well as a minimum solvent waste burden.  Water consumption drops to nil since the water jet pump and the cooling of the tap water is no longer required.
The vacuum area is between a PTFE diaphragm pump and a electronic regulator, which contains a ceramic sensor; pressure is regulated between 1000 and 0 mbar.

The PARALAQUA® is a great cost saving option for rotary evaporators.

The vacuum can be infinitely varied, once the required level is reached, the vacuum pump switches off. The monotoring of the vacuum is carried out via a robust wear-free ceramic pressure sensor. The pressure sensor is covered by a 2 year guarantee.
A gassing option exists to break the vacuum created.


  • 100% water savings
  • Adjustable cooling water temperature
  • Minimal space requirement on any laboratory table
  • Nearly silent
  • Easy to handle for quick transport
  • User variable adjustable vacuum
  • Nearly 100% solvent recovery

A cost effective solution to remove water use and reduce environmental impact

The vacuum can be used seperately to the cooling system, e.g. for filtration or extraction cooling.

Possible Accessories

Option 09000
1 bottle Thermoclean-DC, 50 ml, algae-free for the cooling water

Option 1201
Silencer / active charcoal filter inclusive 50 cm silicon hose

Option 1202
Alternative with water-cooled receptacle in combination with water-cooled condenser


Option 1200
Water-cooled condenser for readjustment of suction, complete with support

Water-cooled condenser

Technical Data

Refrigerating capacity 400 watts at 20° C water inlet temperature and 32° C max. ambient temperature (approx. 250 watts at 5° C water inlet temperature)
Pumping capacity 10 l/min.
Feed pressure 0.15 bar
Connections quick lock coupling on the backside 9 mm
Tank size 5 litre
Dimensions (W x D x H) 250 x 550 x 600 mm
Type of current 230 V/50 Hz/1 PH/N/PE
Power consumption 0.4 kW
Weight 33 kg
Refrigerant R 134 a (CFE-free)
Upper panelling Alu-sheets 2 mm, RAL 7035 (light-grey)
Lower panelling RAL 5003
Vacuum up to 10 mbar
Feed power 25 l/min. at atmospheric pressure
Vacuum regulator 1000 - 0 mbar, digital
Vacuum / gasification connections on the backside 10 mm
Vacuum pump chemical resistant, i.e. solid teflon with Kalrez valves