Water-water-cooler (System separator)

Water-water-cooler (System separator)

Picture shows water-water cooler from 1 kW up to 15 kW power.


Water-water coolers from Van der Heijden-Labortechnik GmbH are available in the same performance versions as the standard KÜHLMOBIL. All the models are specially designed for the existing building water circuits and can be supplied with outputs up to 150 kW.

The standard models are all fitted with bypass, manometer and sensor to monitor the flow. The unit switches off if any kind of fault occurs. Temperature control is on a secondary circuit. A motorised valve on the primary circuit automatically regulates the water volume. The stepped motor operates with fine control to ensure a highly consistent temperature.

So that these units can be designed specifically, the following domestic water details are required:

  • Water outlet temperature on the domestic water side and/or the inlet temperature to the cooling unit.
  • The pressure differential over the domestic water circuit
  • How much water is available?

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Water-water-cooler (System separator)

Picture shows Water-Water-Chillers in different sizes and capacities from the rear. All systems are equipped as standard with 3-way motor valves.

To configure such a chiller we will need the following internal water data:

  • Water outlet temperature of the building water supply e.g. inlet temperature in the chiller
  • Pressure difference of the building water supply, net
  • How much water is available?

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 Water-water-cooler (System separator)

Picture shows water-water cooler with 30, 50 and 70 kW power






  • 30 kW: W x D x H = 590 x 620 x 1205 mm
  • 50 kW: W x D x H = 680 x 730 x 1520 mm
  • 70 kW: W x D x H = 800 x 850 x 1665 mm

Today, many institutes already have their own cooling water supply. This cooling water is generally too cold to cool a laser or an electron microscope or the water quality may be poor. As a system separator, the KÜHLMOBIL offers the ideal solution for such problems and has very small dimensions. It operates without a compressor and consequently without any refrigerant – only the feed pump requires energy, as the refrigerant output uses the domestic water system to cool. The purchasing price of a water-water cooler is much lower than a compressor cooled device.

This appliance works with a 3-way motor valve. The analogue steering signals (0-10 V) ensure constant temperature and stability are reached. Also available with an optional motorised valve and control via a microprocessor-controlled PID regulator. This version can be delivered with a full-way valve, if a 3-way valve is not required.

water-water cooler with 30 kW, 50 kW and 70 kW power.

Picture shows the rear view of the three water-water cooler with 30 kW, 50 kW and 70 kW power

Prinzip eines Systemtrenners