VAR/VAC vacuum measurement


Worrying about a mercury pressure gauge?
A Bennert pressure gauge can easily break, releasing mercury which is difficult and hazardous to remove.  The VAR/VAC offers a mercury free alternative. This device is serially switched with an electric vacuum pump (oil or diaphragm pump). This vacuum is displayed in mbar (no more conversion is necessary).

Two barrel clamps are attached to the back of this devioce so that the device can be quickly clamped to a supporting wall. This device is also available with an INTEGRATED REGULATOR so that you can set your own vacuum levels (model VAR).

The vacuum is regulated with a regulator button on the vacuum line, which maintains the pre-set vacuum level. The precise vacuum, without conversion, is displayed by a vacuum measurement device without any hysteresis problems.

Technical Data

Technical Data VAR / VAC
Dimensions (W x D x H) 80 x 80 x 150 mm
Meter 72 x 72 mm
Reading 1020 - 0 mbar
Connections 8 mm nickeled

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