Special-purpose solutions - Flexible – due to your requirements

Our Technology - Your Advantage

Outside our standard range, every cooler is produced in accordance with the customer's own requirements. Our expertise is in the area of custom work. Our program encompasses air-cooled models as well as water-cooled models, with or without active refrigeration units, as a split version or as a portable, complete unit.

Do you have special voltages or different frequencies? We will adapt the cooler to these for you. Do you have existing cooling water in the laboratory or building and would like to use it? Then have a look at our system-separators.

Splitting solution
Special-purpose solutions

Splitting solution - custom requirement for a CD-print device

Flexible use

Our devices have very diverse uses. Cooling power starts at 180 watt mini units. 
These are suitable for HPLC, peltier-elements, micro-rotis or to cool soxhlet devices, but also for electrophoresis or to cool analytical instruments such as AAS, ICP mass spectrometers, x-ray diffractometers and even electron microscopes and many other appliances. System-separators can supply whole laboratories.

Flexible to use
Flexible to use

Special-purpose solution: Multiway terminal block / Temper unit with ramp function