Our Technology – Your Advantage!

Van der Heijden-Labortechnik GmbH can offer 39 standard models of the KÜHLMOBIL with cooling capacities between 180 watt and 40 kW.

There are many more variations available with higher cooling capacities, almost all of these can be classified according to the following characteristics:

  1. Cooler versus air (principle car-cooler)
  2. Cooler with compressor and air-cooled condenser (waste air will extract into the room)
  3. Cooler with compressor and water-cooled condenser (no waste air extraction in the room)
  4. Coolers with compressor and air-cooled condenser with a split design (no waste air or noise into the room)
  5. All cooler variations available as a circulating cooler without a tank
  6. Water-water cooler, e.g. system separator without cooling aggregate
  7. Cooler as a rack insert in laboratory furniture (G 9408595.1 and G 9114652.6)
  8. Similar to item 3, but using opposite principle (DE 4206020C1)
  9. Miniature cooler but with optional installed vaccum pump and regulator, especially for rotary evaporators (Cool-vacuum-devices)
  10. Items 1-9 designed for other types of voltage (V) and frequencies (Hz)

This product range is complemented by a wide selection of options, variations and recommended accessories, e.g. PVC tubing, remote control, bypass, multiple distributor, etc.

Capacities of our chillers

  • COOL-CARE® - 180 Watt
  • MINORE® 300 - 500 Watt
  • KÜHLMOBIL 800 - 40.000 Watt
  • LUFTIKUS 500 - 3.000 Watt